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It only took me a week, right? In my defense, it’s been a crazy week.

Once again, all the spoilers. Ever. )

Huh. I really thought I wouldn’t manage to say much beyond "*flail*" about this one. Go figure. Now, back to processing via writing all the fic I can handle, and finally getting to read everyone else’s reactions.

In summary: Is it Series Three yet? Now?

...How about now?
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No spoilers, just emotions and emoticons. )

If there are comments here, though, maybe assume they have spoilers, yeah?
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Fair warning: coherence? *dies laughing* Mostly, this is just an excuse to abuse the word 'oh' and the italics button.

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Finally saw it. Do I even need to suggest there will be spoilers?

Now I can go find out what other people thought. Fandom! Whee!
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Follow me on a wandering list of joy - you know, if you want to - because the glee has got to go somewhere.

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Oh my god. Oh my... just oh.

That was fantastic.

Every now and again the world would intrude, and I'd realize I'd been sitting there for the last umpteen minutes with my mouth open and my eyes wide and my heart in my throat. Thank all that is holy I had the house to myself, because I would never have lived this down. But, oh, oh so worth it.

As usual, plenty more than a day late and a dollar short, and almost certainly already said by others, but... *shrug*

So yeah. What did you think?
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So, yeah, saw it last night, but needed the rewatch to get my head straight.

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Post-episode commentary! For Numb3rs, at that, which is like a double whammy.

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Not necessarily more coherent. More likely just more. In case you haven't figured it out, I just ramble to hear myself think. It makes me happy.

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I really, really need to watch it again, this time without the distractions of a mother who is apparently phobic about this particular badie (who knew?) and a father who's not really that into the show.

That said,
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So, yes, I am fully aware that all of this has already been said by all of you brilliant people who manage to watch in a timely manner. Also, I need to see it again. This is just me babbling about the love.

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So, the unified theory of this one? It was every fanfic come to life. Well, all right, maybe not the gloriously deep ones or the fantastically poetic types, but definitely the warm and fuzzy brotherly sorts.

For more intelligent discussion, particularly on the trust between Sam and Dean and why you should watch this one with alcohol nearby, go see [ profile] maygra's latest.

Otherwise, brace yourself for complete spoilage and hop on board. )
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Yeah. If you haven't seen Nightmare, don't go here. Trust me.

Ye are hereby warned. )

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My first round of thoughts on 2x18 (spoilers in droves):

Wow. )


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shhh. be very quiet. i'm sneaking in by cover of night.

I'm at the ancestral home, a.k.a. Dialup Hell. As such, I've been limited to a few minutes online per night, very late indeed. There are beautiful and shiny new eps just waiting to be watched, and I can't pull a one of them down until I get back to a connection that won't take 24 hours for each. Urgh.

To avoid spoilery temptation, I'm studiously ignoring my glorious flist, so if I've missed anything important (i.e. if something is going to explode by Monday) please drop me a line here and cue me in. Otherwise, I should be social again early next week. Of course, with all the deadlines in the next 2 weeks, I can make no promises.

Oh, and while I'm here... WaT spoiler-like squeeing. )

Other than that, hope the holidays have gone well for all of you, and I'll see you on the flip side.

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