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Biting the bullet and posting, because I can't stare at it anymore. My eyes will go googly.

Fandom: The Rundown
Rating: R
Pairing: Travis/Beck
Summary: Set'tle v. To pay (a debt); to establish residence in, colonize; to discontinue moving and come to rest in one place; to restore calmness or comfort to.

Note 1: So, long about seven months or so ago, [personal profile] strifechaos  had a birthday. This is for that. Sorry.

Note 2: [personal profile] terribilita  and [profile] palebluebell  are both wise and wonderful in the ways of the beta. Praise them for the good, and blame me for the bad. I'm stubborn. The title is courtesy of [personal profile] terribilita  and Interpol and their song "The New".

Settle )
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I... might have committed further ficcage. I do believe I have managed to finish that bit that I've been plucking away at for many moons now. Which one, you may ask? (There are so many that fit that description, sadly.) Why, the one that involves the Rock and Stifler and their big, gay love affair. Kinda.

A long, long time ago, [personal profile] strifechaos put out a plea for fic for The Rundown for her birthday. For those of you who don't already know:

This movie cries out for fun, caper-ish fic. So of course I said, "Oooo, I will write that!" And then I utterly failed to write that. I wrote a little bit of something else instead, though, and then a little bit more. At some point, I gave up and went with it. This is not the fun, caper-ish fic, but I maybe like it anyway. (And [personal profile] strifechaos... um, at least it might exist before your next birthday? Oops?)

With that ringing endorsement: anyone up for a beta? It's about 3500 words, fairly straightforward, maybe PG-13 or soft R levels of roughness and nekidness, and features Beck and Travis getting to know one another. Eventually.

Any takers?
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One possible spoiler for the Canadian SGA bounty, but it is both sideways and small. Really. If you get it, you've probably seen it.

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