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Okay, so, I'll cop to being a few eps behind, but...

Did Tony move in with Gibbs at some point? I'm legitimately asking, because that last scene was not so much, "Hi, I'm here to visit" as, "Hey, honey, I'm home." (Well, if Gibbs would ever let anyone get away with calling him "honey." The mental image of the expression that would provoke is kinda awesome, though.) I mean, with the commentary on dinner, the fact that there was automatically enough for two, the casual tandem plunking down on the couch... Yeah. Very, very married. And... practiced? Familiar? Like they do this every night. Also, totally lacking in the power dynamics that are on display when they're working, the idea of which I adore even from a non-shipping perspective.

(For the record, I am astonishingly flexible about shipping on this show. Normally, I am an OTP girl all the way, but this is one of the few where I just love everybody in big, squishy amounts, in pretty close to any combination or no combination at all. Tony is always going to be my favorite, though, I'll admit.)

That smackdown Gibbs delivered was all kinds of fantastic, I have to say. You knew it was coming, from the minute Gibbs sized up Tony Sr. and Tony Jr.'s reaction to Tony Sr. I figured there'd be some mention of Gibbs' daughter in there, but I didn't see the plague reference coming. I'm always ridiculously pleased when this show remembers its continuity. I also adore the idea of Gibbs silently sitting there really despizing this guy for four years now, without a hint.

Speaking of continuity... Was the story about being left in a hotel at 12 mentioned in another episode? It sounds really familiar.

And finally: Was anybody else waiting to find out that Tony Sr. was spying for somebody? It's TV; whenever a character has an absentee playboy dad, he's always a secret agent. In this case, though, I think it would have been too easy an out; I like my Tony Jr. with unresolved issues and angst. And, you know, domestic!Gibbs. :)
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