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Anybody willing to be on deck to pre-read and/or beta Teen Wolf fic about Derek and Stiles and their terrible, fantastic, dovetailing issues? It's not quite done - I've got 3 scenes to fill out further, and some obsessive editing to do - but it ought to be there in the next day or so. No spoilers past aired canon, no specific deadline, and likely about to be Jossed to hell on Monday anyway. Also, it's already 20,000 words. I should probably mention that part, right?

So... Bueller?
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Two things:
1. Anyone up for a short beta on something SG:A-oriented? I almost said, "a quick beta", but that gives the wrong impression, as I'm not on any deadline. It probably shouldn't take long, though, given that it's... well, short. (Unless I've really screwed up. This is always a possibility.) It contains 2,000ish words, spoilers for pretty much everything up to Be All My Sins Remember'd, and a great deal of team. Any takers?


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More than a year and thirty-odd pages later, I think this thing may finally be done. As a bonus, it might even be coherent this time. Any of you up for telling me whether that's just wishful thinking?

What, you want actual details? Oh, fine then. It's SG:A, John/Rodney, and going on 12,000 words. Some of you might even have seen it before, back when it was going by the name Inhibitions. (Which it still kind of is.)

So, any takers? Please?
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I... might have committed further ficcage. I do believe I have managed to finish that bit that I've been plucking away at for many moons now. Which one, you may ask? (There are so many that fit that description, sadly.) Why, the one that involves the Rock and Stifler and their big, gay love affair. Kinda.

A long, long time ago, [personal profile] strifechaos put out a plea for fic for The Rundown for her birthday. For those of you who don't already know:

This movie cries out for fun, caper-ish fic. So of course I said, "Oooo, I will write that!" And then I utterly failed to write that. I wrote a little bit of something else instead, though, and then a little bit more. At some point, I gave up and went with it. This is not the fun, caper-ish fic, but I maybe like it anyway. (And [personal profile] strifechaos... um, at least it might exist before your next birthday? Oops?)

With that ringing endorsement: anyone up for a beta? It's about 3500 words, fairly straightforward, maybe PG-13 or soft R levels of roughness and nekidness, and features Beck and Travis getting to know one another. Eventually.

Any takers?
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So... if I had, you know, hypothetically speaking, maybe written bandslash of a Fall Out Boy nature... like, a hypothetical 7 pages or so of it... uh, would there be anyone out there willing to read over it and say things like, "Huh. Yeah, that doesn't work"? Or possibly, "WTF were you thinking?" Or, "A comma would be nice here."

Or even, "Hey, nifty."

Anyone? I have about a scene and a half to go, hopefully to be finished tomorrow.

New characters make me nervous. Also, RPS = huh. *headdesk*



Aug. 25th, 2006 01:26 am
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So... I have twenty-six pages of a rough something. I'm not entirely sure what that something is, though. Anyone up for giving it a look and offering their best guess?

The things which are assured: it's unpolished, there is John, and there is Rodney, and they are definitely engaged in being John/Rodney (although that salacious little symbol refers more to emotion than active bumping of bits)... actually, that's about it. The rest is kind of a mess, semi-intentionally.

Want to help me figure out what order all the pieces should be in? I keep staring at them all and playing mix and match. They're all connected, somehow, but there's more than one thread, and it's not really all that linear, and... gah. Help?
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Hi. *waves sheepishly*

In my earnest quest to finish the challenge story that was due two weeks ago - I know, I know; bad me, and I feel terrible - I've become increasingly afraid that I'm driveling. Anyone up for reading through the first section to either confirm or deny that fear? I've been staring at it so long that perspective is just something other people have.

So... help?

(And [personal profile] enname, this would be in your inbox, except you're sick, and I'm not going to subject you to the cliffhanger. The real and true one will come your way, promise. Unless, of course, you'd prefer to watch my brain flail and/or are in need of distraction, in which case this part is all yours, too.)


May. 1st, 2006 04:35 pm
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Ahem. So. Here's the thing.

I signed up for the Back to Basics SGA challenge a little bit ago, knowing full well that it would come due on the 8th of May. This was, however, back when the thesis was supposed to be out of the way by April 28. There ought to have been gobs of free time in which to work. Now, with the due date of The Monster that Ate My Soul pushed to this Friday, things are a little more wonky.

Insert plea here.

I think I'll be okay on the writing, given that I actually have a plot outline for this one and know where it's going, and some bits that really only need to be connected. The beta side of things, though, is where it gets tricky. Would any of you kind souls be willing to step into the breech and do a speed read, given that the timing here is going to be very... tight. Chances are good that I won't have a draft done until Sunday night, and with it due on Monday... I'm going to be wretched and hold off as long as possible on the posting (does very, very early on Tuesday still count as Monday?), but I'm rather nervous about posting anything with serious story structure unbetad. Particularly since this is intended for someone.

So, anyone? *looks pathetic*
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If all goes as it's been going, the story that ate my brain should conclude within the next day or so. I fear I cannot be the least bit objective about it, though, so... would any of you amazing and lovely people be up for a beta? Anything from word/grammar critique to "What the heck were you thinking!?" would be highly appreciated.

The tech specs: It's McKay/Sheppard, probably about 8,000 words when complete, contains some very necessary sex, and is a sequel/explanation for this.

Any takers?
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Help me, Oh Great and Wonderful Flist! You're my only hope!

Single white female seeks beta. Preferably more than one. Should have experience in the SG:A fandom and the ability to bitchslap a comma. Should be willing to read over one teeny, tiny challenge story - okay, so one 7,000-words-at-the-halfway-point challenge story - and give constructive criticism. Bonus points for those who can make me cry; I'm really remarkably thick-skinned. If you hate it, you are free to say so. All applicants should probably like McKay and Sheppard, and probably support the pairing thereof. Supporters of other ships are welcome as well, but will most likely not enjoy quite so much. Fear not! It is thus far remarkably low on crack, although I hope at least some of it is high on humor.

The catch: Only that it needs to be posted on March 1st, so the beta magic must be done by then.

So, any takers? Please? *bats eyelashes*

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