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Things I love about Teen Wolf (or, why my summer vacation included a show on MTV set around a bunch of werewolves in high school):

Don't be fooled that this is going to be some well thought-out piece of eloquence. It's pretty much just ramble-y flailing and an overlong treatise on architecture. Also, there are spoilers going up through all aired eps, but nothing beyond them save for personal speculation. Also also, trigger warnings for canonical implied abuse of a minor.

Okay? Okay.

Here we go! )

Other specific things that I enjoy:

1. The houses )

2. The cast )

3. The characters (with bonus tangent on my dream AU) )

I love the feeling that they're all growing into this complicated, epic future for themselves. Who knows if they'll get there, but I'm enjoying the heck out of this show right now for what it is.
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Am back from the Ancestral Home. Have no water due to pipes having burst within the boiler room from cold. Want a shower. Apartment smells like bar due to neighbor's refusal to stop smoking inside, despite landlord's requests. Braved slick roads again only to find local-est Chinese food place closed.

Life hard.

On the plus side, happy-you're-home cats are great, brownies are going to happen, and I intend to call in dead to work tomorrow. There will be laziness, and flist-reading, and fic. *happy sigh*

And on that note, meme:

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

Question can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.

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Okay. I don't actually do the straight-out meta thing very often, but this is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I've been holding off because I am possibly the most conflict-averse person in the history of ever, but... well, here goes.

First off, a little disclaiming. I have not seen Torchwood: CoE. While I do have certain opinions based on all the accounts I've seen of it, this post is not actually aimed at the show itself, or even necessarily specific to the reactions that are taking place in response to reactions to that show. (That... might make more sense in a minute. Sorry.) Additionally, while I've enjoyed Torchwood a lot, I've never been particularly vocal about it. So if you're inclined to shout, "But you haven't even watched it!" or "You're not even in the fandom!" you are completely correct. 

There aren't any specific spoilers in here, although there might well be in the comments but they're hanging out in the comments.

With all of that junk on what this isn't about out of the way, on with the show.

What this is about is the term 'fannish entitlement', and the uses thereof I've seen lately. )
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Okay. So. Got a Star Trek question for you all:

Is this a spoiler? I don't actually know. Very likely, however. That is not the question, btw. )

In other news: meme! Appropriately scifi flavored meme, even!

Inspired by Doctor Who's "Turn Left:" Pick one of my stories and tell me a point in the tale that you'd change -- something tiny or big -- and I'll tell you how that one difference would have altered the course of the entire story.

Everything in my arsenal can be found here, if you wanted to play.

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How awesome was that?!

Okay, I lied. I have more. Please do not assume anything in here will be new or different, though, because I am possibly the last human on Earth to join this party, and I have no doubt all the cool stuff has already been discussed.

I do have one caveat, though, and it's not about the movie itself.

*deep breath*

Okay. I feel better. Rant concluded, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled dose of squee.

Seriously, how terrific was that movie?
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Coincidentally enough, I've been planning for days to post something about my utterly abysmal response time to comments lately. Heh. 

What I was planning to post was something along the lines of:

OH MY GOD LIFE. Is there someone I can tag to step in for a minute? I promise I'll come back and relieve you as soon as I've had a breather. And possibly a nap. In the last month, I have...

Yes, it's a list. I like lists. )

Anyway, feedback. For what it's worth, my position is as follows:

I like feedback. )

All of which pretty much comes down to this:

I <3 every last awesome, fascinating, sweet, never-a-dull-moment one of you. Just so you know.
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Okay first, note to self: Bailing out from what looks to be a truly spectacular horsey meltdown induced by rapidly approaching snowmobiles is a protocol best enacted when one does not have the combo of muddy, slick ground and a trick knee going for one. Just so you know. Ow.

Second: The WIP Meme! Which is to say, I've got kind of a lot of them, at the moment. Also, I'm bad at keeping it to just a sentence.
I'd rather be sitting on a beach somewhere with my laptop. I'd totally be willing to deal with sand in the keys, even. )

I think that's most of them. The ones that are vaguely coherent, anyway, and not just scraps here and there. I'm not counting the one with the goats, because it's actually done, with the exception of a little editing. Provided finals season stops thumping me into the ground, it will even see the light of day soon. \o/

And now I have to go write about osteoarthritis while wondering vaguely what the cartilage in my knee looks like these days. Life isn't fair. *sigh*


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I lie. I still cannot dance. But:

I've always missed out on doing these in the past, so... here goes nothing. My thread at [personal profile] medie's love meme is located hereabouts. You know, if you were so inclined.
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Sneaking in under the wire to say that you all are the best and most fantastic thing about this whole internet adventure. I love what you say, and what you do, and what you make, and what you find in all the bits made by someone else.

If I were a more observant individual, I'd have known about this ahead of time and had something intelligent and interesting put together. As it is, though: *squishes everyone collectively*

Thanks for being wonderful.
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Note to self: red wine and brownies = red wine and chocolate and sugar = a really good way to get a headache going.


So worth it, though. I spent the afternoon marathoning SG:A Season 2 with [personal profile] krisomniac   (who is just as fantastically fun as you'd think) and having a blast. I hadn't seen most of the eps in a very long time, and it's amazing the stuff that strikes a chord in hindsight. For instance...

Tonight, I watched Stardust.

Now I need to go reread. Or maybe sleep. Although... what I really want to do is watch it again.

Tomorrow, I will bake gingerbread cookies for the neighborhood and do writerly things. Yay for vacation.
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I am somewhat addicted to list form lately. Sorry.

7. I want to write stuff. Why is it I always most want to write stuff when I have the least time to actually do it? Bah.

8. And lastly, I've got my rambles about Doppelganger unlocked over here now.
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Yeah. Just like it says, this is only my usual accounting of the week thus far.

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Oh, Anthony Starke. You still manage to rip my heart out and squish it upon the grimy floor, simply by smiling that painfully self-aware smile. Why do you always have to play a bastard who I can't help getting horribly, horribly attached to?

Stop that.

Except don't.

*off to find something cheerfully Ezra-heavy*
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Am I the only person who is inherently suspicious of the Lunesta butterfly? I mean, okay, it looks all ephemeral and flitty and shiny, but when you get right down to it, how do you know those people are asleep? No, seriously. Watch the commercial next time it's on. I dare you not to think, Butterfly of Death.

Butterfly. Of. Death, I tell you.

And in slightly less morbid news: finally caught up on Life on Mars and watched the finale last night.

Still a few more days until I get my other Sam fix, with Dean chaser. *twitches with a Winchester jones*
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This is a Thursday. This means something in my world. Unfortunately, I forgot what that something was until 9:18 and therefore had to skip the rest of that something in order not to screw up the enjoyment of the Winchesters in all their glory.

I fail at life.

Thank all that is holy for the internet. So... how was it? I seem to be seeing general squee. Yes?

And on another note... Raines.

A quickie.

Mar. 3rd, 2007 11:46 pm
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Epiphany of the day:

Rafiki = Yoda. Discuss. (This thought brought to you by the sister's boy, who is far wiser than his years and affected bearing would evidence.)


1. Still sick. Grr. On the plus side, I now have two functioning nostrils, so improvement is on the horizon.

2. I am desperately attempting to catch up on my backlog of feedback, and then fic. The first is proving difficult because I have to re-read everything to remember what I wrote to begin with - yep, memory like a goldfish, it seems - and I keep stopping to change things. Do other people do that? I feel very OCD about old fic sometimes. Like when you sing in a choir, and there's a tone off somewhere in the mix, and it jangles in your ear until you can feel it slip into place. Like that.

Also, I have a bad case of inertia. I feel bad about not responding, which makes me hesitant to call attention to the fact that I didn't respond. Which leads to me putting off responding, and the whole cycle starts back up.

Neurotic. I know. But am I nuts? *waggles eyebrows, and wanders off to find a handsaw*

3. As to why the second is proving difficult... I have 1500 words of Methos. How the hell did that happen? I didn't plan for 1500 words of Methos. I don't even think these are the main words, just the bones that hold the head up and the legs down. I have to go find the ribs now.

When there is some meat on these bones, would any of you be up to reading over it? Just to check that I haven't violated any of the basic tenants of the universe, you know? Because I may be slightly caught up in the Methos Is Pretty, and missing entirely the Big Honking Facts of Immortal Life.

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