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Am back from the Ancestral Home. Have no water due to pipes having burst within the boiler room from cold. Want a shower. Apartment smells like bar due to neighbor's refusal to stop smoking inside, despite landlord's requests. Braved slick roads again only to find local-est Chinese food place closed.

Life hard.

On the plus side, happy-you're-home cats are great, brownies are going to happen, and I intend to call in dead to work tomorrow. There will be laziness, and flist-reading, and fic. *happy sigh*

And on that note, meme:

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

Question can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.

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Coincidentally enough, I've been planning for days to post something about my utterly abysmal response time to comments lately. Heh. 

What I was planning to post was something along the lines of:

OH MY GOD LIFE. Is there someone I can tag to step in for a minute? I promise I'll come back and relieve you as soon as I've had a breather. And possibly a nap. In the last month, I have...

Yes, it's a list. I like lists. )

Anyway, feedback. For what it's worth, my position is as follows:

I like feedback. )

All of which pretty much comes down to this:

I <3 every last awesome, fascinating, sweet, never-a-dull-moment one of you. Just so you know.
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Okay first, note to self: Bailing out from what looks to be a truly spectacular horsey meltdown induced by rapidly approaching snowmobiles is a protocol best enacted when one does not have the combo of muddy, slick ground and a trick knee going for one. Just so you know. Ow.

Second: The WIP Meme! Which is to say, I've got kind of a lot of them, at the moment. Also, I'm bad at keeping it to just a sentence.
I'd rather be sitting on a beach somewhere with my laptop. I'd totally be willing to deal with sand in the keys, even. )

I think that's most of them. The ones that are vaguely coherent, anyway, and not just scraps here and there. I'm not counting the one with the goats, because it's actually done, with the exception of a little editing. Provided finals season stops thumping me into the ground, it will even see the light of day soon. \o/

And now I have to go write about osteoarthritis while wondering vaguely what the cartilage in my knee looks like these days. Life isn't fair. *sigh*


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Yuck. I have the flu. *sigh*

I'm pretty sure my whole school has the flu, really. Momentary pauses during lectures are filled with an awful lot of hacking and sniffling and whimpering these days, some of it from the lecturers. My favorite is one particular fellow who is... Okay, look. We know he's brilliant. He has to be. He's also kind of a space cadet, though. Most of us just sit in stunned wonder when he talks, and contemplate starting a drinking game for every time the words "Yeah, I don't know either" and "Huh. Wonder what's next" are uttered. Add illness and cold meds to that and you've got one seriously entertaining experience.

So yes, sick. I sound like I've developed a three-pack-a-day habit. I keep staring at the Torchwood finale on my desktop and wondering if I've currently got the fortitude for it. I'm thinking not so much, really. I need a movie in which stuff blows up entertainingly. Like, unapologetically so. Any suggestions?

Before I got the plague, I did the take-pictures-of-stuff meme, and then promptly failed to post said pictures on account of being diseased. Does it help if I post many unrequested pictures, too?

For [personal profile] thefourthvine, who wanted Wyatt:

For [profile] aurora_84, who requested...

In my quest to get these, however, I wound up taking many other pictures. Just in case you ever wondered...

And now, I think I'll go stare balefully at the Torchwood icon some more. Or maybe I'll just sleep. Sleep is good, right?

Two things

Feb. 26th, 2008 09:35 pm
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1. Super sekrit message to [profile] feartheotter: it's here! Mwahahaha! Cows!!! I will send pictures, possibly of taunting my classmates with its awesomeness. Heh.


2. A meme I'm stealing from [personal profile] aesc, because after much of this day, there needs to be something goofy and fun around here:

The thing is, when people look for stories, they always make it sound like badfic. Now, often that's because it really is badfic, but sometimes it's good and they just suck at describing the story.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to summarize badly any one (or more!) of my stories and I'll try to guess which it is. You could even pretend you don't remember the pairing or fandom to make it harder to guess.

All fic is present and accounted for in my memories. Go forth and baffle!
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Or, well, I'll get to it by the end, anyway.  In the meantime,  what I've been up to:

And that's pretty much it. Have a meme.

Gakked from [personal profile] ignipes  and [personal profile] laceymcbain :

1. The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together.
5. Post your cover, along with these instructions. In the comments your friends will tell you what kind of music you play and the name of the album's single.

So... who am I and what do I sound like?
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Sneaking in for 30 seconds to say:

1. Am at the Ancestral Home.

2. Family is crazy, but good.

3. Merry Christmas!
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Haven't been posting much because honestly, nothings been going on. This is because I am on vacation. I am one with the sloth. (The deadly sin kind, that is. Cute as the critter form is, I've heard they can be nasty little bastards and they have their own plant growth. I will adore them from slightly more of a distance, thank you.)

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Bit 1: To whoever nominated Linguistics for the McKay/Sheppard Awards... Thank you! *hug* As usual, I'm running a day late and many dollars short in saying so, but it made my week to find out about that one. So, thanks. *g*

Bit 2: I'm off to the Ancestral Home tomorrow afternoon, critters in tow. Should be an interesting drive. We'll see how far we get before the chaos sets in.

Bit 3: As a corollary to Bit 2, just in case I don't get back here between now and then, hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, those that will be having one. (Those that won't should still have a great day, just because.)
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I am somewhat addicted to list form lately. Sorry.

7. I want to write stuff. Why is it I always most want to write stuff when I have the least time to actually do it? Bah.

8. And lastly, I've got my rambles about Doppelganger unlocked over here now.
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What. The. Fuck?

My laptop just attempted to set me on fire. It started making the weird bad fan noise which I've been afraid was coming for months at around 9:00, and then at about midnight the power cord began to smoke. While in bed with me. (No jokes, please.)

Then it melted its covering, just behind its little magnetic head. I am now running on the power equivalent of fumes.

I'm going to try to find the nearest Apple Store tomorrow afternoon and make them help me by force, since apparently Apple does not have 24 hour support. (Ask me how thrilled I am about that one, btw.)

So, um. If you don't hear from me for a few days, it is because my computer is trying to assassinate me. Yeah.

*still needs a WTF? icon*
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Yeah. Just like it says, this is only my usual accounting of the week thus far.

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And I thought I'd get more time online once I went solo again. *sigh* For your convenience, I give you lists of the week's doings.

1. I am melancholy, and very nearly 23. These facts are connected largely by a third: this will be my first birthday with no family participation. Everybody's been crazy getting my sister and I situated these last few weeks, and I don't have time to drive home, and I don't have the heart to make anyone drive here... end result: not so much with the birthdayness. In the meantime, I keep trying to convince the Mom that I'm fine, and not at all bummed, because there's not a thing she could do about it except feel guilty, which I'm trying to avoid at all costs. Oh well. Next year.

Tonight, I will light candles around the house and maybe bake brownies. Well, maybe not. It's kind of hot here. Hm. The point remains that there will be confections and open flame. The traditions of natal celebration will be hereby upheld.

Thus endeth the pity party. *g*

2. Still no luck with the soulless bastards who control net access. I'm getting creative about this whole thing, though. Earlier this week, I wound up at Borders to do the daily check in, and the place has exactly one well designed seat for computer use, located next to an outlet. I was not in that seat. My power was on its last legs. I ended up camped out in the aisle between pregnancy texts and tomes on New Age self-actualization. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've downloaded slash while hippies and pregnant women circulate around you.

Also entertaining this week: sheep wrestling for the short! There is, it seems, a trick to getting a sheep to behave itself for inspection/medically necessary prodding. It involves lifting the head and straddling the shoulders. Our problem - my lab partner's and mine - was that we were in the final group to attack the sheep. We got the rejects; those that were too ornery, large, or otherwise wily to be cornered earlier. And then we grabbed a fine specimen showcasing all of these qualities. And then I found out that, while I could in fact straddle said sheep, it was a little bit difficult to keep the head up when my feet wouldn't stay down. It was somewhere around lap 2 of the holding pen and the beginning of my career as a mutton buster that I realized I might be in for a difficult time. *g*

4. There is no four. There was going to be, but then I forgot. Sorry.

5. Still open for any and all recs. They make my cable-less, internet challenged world go round. I am not an addict. I can stop any time I want. No, really. *looks shifty*

6. How are you?

A quickie.

Mar. 3rd, 2007 11:46 pm
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Epiphany of the day:

Rafiki = Yoda. Discuss. (This thought brought to you by the sister's boy, who is far wiser than his years and affected bearing would evidence.)


1. Still sick. Grr. On the plus side, I now have two functioning nostrils, so improvement is on the horizon.

2. I am desperately attempting to catch up on my backlog of feedback, and then fic. The first is proving difficult because I have to re-read everything to remember what I wrote to begin with - yep, memory like a goldfish, it seems - and I keep stopping to change things. Do other people do that? I feel very OCD about old fic sometimes. Like when you sing in a choir, and there's a tone off somewhere in the mix, and it jangles in your ear until you can feel it slip into place. Like that.

Also, I have a bad case of inertia. I feel bad about not responding, which makes me hesitant to call attention to the fact that I didn't respond. Which leads to me putting off responding, and the whole cycle starts back up.

Neurotic. I know. But am I nuts? *waggles eyebrows, and wanders off to find a handsaw*

3. As to why the second is proving difficult... I have 1500 words of Methos. How the hell did that happen? I didn't plan for 1500 words of Methos. I don't even think these are the main words, just the bones that hold the head up and the legs down. I have to go find the ribs now.

When there is some meat on these bones, would any of you be up to reading over it? Just to check that I haven't violated any of the basic tenants of the universe, you know? Because I may be slightly caught up in the Methos Is Pretty, and missing entirely the Big Honking Facts of Immortal Life.
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We'll start with the tale of the bird.

On the subject of teeth, more wisdom needed.

Any and all advice is welcome, be it on the bird or the mouth.

Um... help?

Feb. 8th, 2007 07:11 pm
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Any of you know anything about wild bird rescue?

No, I'm not dipping into the vicodin. Well, okay, I did take one, and I am a little dizzy just now, but there is also a form of waterfowl residing in my living room. Dad came home this evening with a temporary addition to the menagerie, and now I'm trying to figure out how best to care for it (him? her?).

The little guy looks a little something like this, which is what I'm assuming he is until further notice. He's not presenting with any obvious injuries; Dad was just concerned because he was hopping around on the road, and there are enough feral cats, etc. around here that his chances of making it to morning weren't so hot.

Barring other information coming to light, I'm planning to thaw some fish/shrimp and offer him a little, and hopefully get in touch with someone in Fish & Game or something tomorrow. Any other ideas? Anything I absolutely shouldn't do upon pain of death?

Any of you know who a Pennsylvanian should call in these circumstances?


Feb. 8th, 2007 01:02 pm
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Except, not so much as I anticipated. Knock on wood.

Operation: Wisdom Tooth has gone off without a hitch. I am now officially wisdom-less.

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Hi all.

No, don't fall over. It is, in fact, daylight, and I am at the keyboard. No one is more surprised than I. Just dropping in for another session of random life bits.

5. Am still writing. Whee! And because I'm a slave to curiosity, I might have maybe done that "Tell Me What to Create" meme thing.

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