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Other people (with actual lives which include fun and no upcoming standardized exams *sigh*) are going to jump on this like a trampoline of awesome but, just to check:

not-terrifically-coherent spoilers )
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Okay. I don't actually do the straight-out meta thing very often, but this is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I've been holding off because I am possibly the most conflict-averse person in the history of ever, but... well, here goes.

First off, a little disclaiming. I have not seen Torchwood: CoE. While I do have certain opinions based on all the accounts I've seen of it, this post is not actually aimed at the show itself, or even necessarily specific to the reactions that are taking place in response to reactions to that show. (That... might make more sense in a minute. Sorry.) Additionally, while I've enjoyed Torchwood a lot, I've never been particularly vocal about it. So if you're inclined to shout, "But you haven't even watched it!" or "You're not even in the fandom!" you are completely correct. 

There aren't any specific spoilers in here, although there might well be in the comments but they're hanging out in the comments.

With all of that junk on what this isn't about out of the way, on with the show.

What this is about is the term 'fannish entitlement', and the uses thereof I've seen lately. )
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Note to self: red wine and brownies = red wine and chocolate and sugar = a really good way to get a headache going.


So worth it, though. I spent the afternoon marathoning SG:A Season 2 with [personal profile] krisomniac   (who is just as fantastically fun as you'd think) and having a blast. I hadn't seen most of the eps in a very long time, and it's amazing the stuff that strikes a chord in hindsight. For instance...

Tonight, I watched Stardust.

Now I need to go reread. Or maybe sleep. Although... what I really want to do is watch it again.

Tomorrow, I will bake gingerbread cookies for the neighborhood and do writerly things. Yay for vacation.
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I am somewhat addicted to list form lately. Sorry.

7. I want to write stuff. Why is it I always most want to write stuff when I have the least time to actually do it? Bah.

8. And lastly, I've got my rambles about Doppelganger unlocked over here now.
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Hi all. Updating from school because I've got an hour to kill before lab, and that's just not enough time to get anything else done.

And on the subject of Numb3rs: *glees tremendously*

Someone else please write what we all know needs to be written, yes? I have the feeling that the version slowly taking shape on my harddrive should never see the light of day, because oh, boy, so self-indulgent. Yeah.

And now I must go look at dead things. Scientifically, of course.
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Coolest thing ever.


*jittery flailing*

(Uh... in case you hadn't guessed, the Winchesters have been here. They're like Santa Clause. Only gorgeous.)
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Say it with me now:

Oh. My. God.

ETA: Just kidding about that no spoiler thing. If you don't want to know, don't look at the comments here.
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Oh, Anthony Starke. You still manage to rip my heart out and squish it upon the grimy floor, simply by smiling that painfully self-aware smile. Why do you always have to play a bastard who I can't help getting horribly, horribly attached to?

Stop that.

Except don't.

*off to find something cheerfully Ezra-heavy*
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Am I the only person who is inherently suspicious of the Lunesta butterfly? I mean, okay, it looks all ephemeral and flitty and shiny, but when you get right down to it, how do you know those people are asleep? No, seriously. Watch the commercial next time it's on. I dare you not to think, Butterfly of Death.

Butterfly. Of. Death, I tell you.

And in slightly less morbid news: finally caught up on Life on Mars and watched the finale last night.

Still a few more days until I get my other Sam fix, with Dean chaser. *twitches with a Winchester jones*
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Oh, Supernatural, how I adore you.

*jittering in pure fannish glee*

You know, sometimes I have a crappy week, and think you did not please me as much as you should (not often, mind you, because you are always pretty). And then you go and kick my ass with cool.

Rock on, Supernatural. Rock on.
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Dude. Why did no one tell me that I needed to see The Tao of Rodney in order to live long and happily?

Because he... and then they... and then they all just... Boom. That is the sound of my heart breaking, and stitching itself back together in 3.2 seconds. Just... whoa.

Who wrote that, and what line do I need to get in to have their babies?
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Kripke, you magnificent bastard.

Wanna guess what I finally saw? Three tries, and the first two don't count.

I want to commit meta. I won't (yet), because everything interesting has undoubtably already been said... but then again, when has that ever stopped me before? I am immensely cheered, though, that I want to. Hee. Go go, fannish mojo! I've missed you.

Next up: SGA
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Oh Great and Powerful Television Gods? You're officially starting to freak me out with your omniscience. Say, for the last week or so, where you've been systematically playing out the hurt/comfort scenarios of my choice. Seriously. Freaky.

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Oh. My. God.

*flails self into coma*

There has to be something in there that didn't work for me. Must have been, right? I could probably dredge it up if my brain were still intact.

I... yeah. Coherent stuff later. Maybe.

Holy fuck.
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Yep. I may eventually have something interesting to say, provided that everyone else hasn't already said it. Or, you know, I may just come back to say things that are wholly boring and already done better. In any case, let it be known:

Infinite squee! Proof positive that there's a 24 hour delay on karma. Tomorrow is going to kick my rear, and it was so very worth it.

I don't swear all that often, really. This episode may have convinced my neighbors that I have sudden onset Tourettes in the form of 'Holy (insert your expletive of choice)!'

Yeah. Like that.
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This is the coolest show ever. No question.

Fangirling all over the place. Brain has shut down with the glory of this episode. It's... and there's...

Hee. Really, all I can say.

I need to come back later and add things that are both spoilery and possibly coherent, but for now... just, dude.

That is all.

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