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Oh Great and Powerful Television Gods? You're officially starting to freak me out with your omniscience. Say, for the last week or so, where you've been systematically playing out the hurt/comfort scenarios of my choice. Seriously. Freaky.

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Okay, I'm behind on my fannish duties - and let's all pause for a chuckle at the obvious - but I come to you with a quick pimp. [personal profile] shetiger and [personal profile] kageygirl have made the wonderful and interesting [profile] ncis_bolo. It is for the purpose of telling the world neat things. Like, for instance, that you've written something. Or drawn something. Or meta'd about the potential future of Tony as a naked gardener. Whatever floats your boat.

The inverse being that you can check out the neat things other people are doing. So go do that.

No, really.
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Time to bite the bullet. This has been hanging out for a bit now, waiting for me to stop waffling. Once upon a time, [profile] docmichelle asked for NCIS and the positive qualities of tea. Um, this is... kind of that. Oops. If it's any consolation, the last line came first.

See, I started out being hesitant to post it because it's a new fandom, and I couldn't stop tweaking all the words, and I worry about having the characters down, etc., etc. And then I stumbled onto this, which is strong and brilliant and has a few things in common with the following fic.

But... I kind of like this one anyway, and if it doesn't go up soon, it will be Jossed at birth. So, in the interests of halting my own circuitous mental pacing, I'm putting it out there.

And yes, that is a lot of whining for something less than 1,000 words.

Fandom: NCIS
Rating: G
Pairing: Gen, although I'm convinced they're all a little bit in love with each other
Spoilers: Twilight, Kill Ari, Hiatus
Summary: There are only two people he can have this conversation with, and Abby is busy tonight.

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