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I continue to be slow like a glacier and behind on pretty much everything, but here are two very cool bits of fandom which you all may or may not already know about.

First, podfic! [ profile] erica_schall recorded Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits (a.k.a. the Merlin one with the goats) in English, and then for double awesome points she also did it in German. Both audio versions are up here, and the written translation is here. Her voice is fabulous and the recording quality is amazing and the way she does Arthur's speaking voice alone cracks me right the heck up. My story is now this entirely new thing! In multiple languages! How cool is that? *g*

And second, after much flirtation with Sherlock, [ profile] eccentric_hat has written fic! This is a big deal, because her writing is always brilliant and lovely, and now it is brilliant and lovely and Sherlock-flavored. There is no bad here. Household Maintenance is a gorgeous look at how Sherlock thinks, and sneakily also at how he feels. 

So, yeah. If you haven't already, go check these out, so that you, too can be a-cackle with glee. *g*
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Anybody who hasn't done so yet, go read [personal profile] xparrot's Games of Chance.

It's... yeah. I left feedback that is about as eloquent as a brain-damaged slug, but I take solace in the fact that I can blame it on general story awesomeness. It takes about five of my favorite things in the universe and weaves them all together in gorgeous, breathless ways. I refuse to tell you what those five things are, because it's so much better if you figure them out for yourself, but I dare you to read this without racing your heart to the finish line.

(And while there is no pairing listed, my OTP little soul was not in any way unhappy. Just so you know. Plus, our team = love here. So, basically, it's very much like an episode, if they had the time and license to be this overwhelmingly cool.)

In short: go read this story right now, because it's brilliant and tense and her Rodney is fantastic.
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Haven't been posting much because honestly, nothings been going on. This is because I am on vacation. I am one with the sloth. (The deadly sin kind, that is. Cute as the critter form is, I've heard they can be nasty little bastards and they have their own plant growth. I will adore them from slightly more of a distance, thank you.)

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Hiya. Am progressing toward sleepy, so forgive me if I ramble.

First off, am still alive and kicking. Have had a particularly pleasant day, for a variety of reasons. The first being the weather, which was turbulent in all the best ways. This makes me unduly gleeful, since I love storms and warm weather, and we resembled Florida in hurricane season for most of the day. (Well, except for the fact that our location would lead to flying cows a la Twister. Not many palm trees here.) Work was nice; didn't have to report for duty until noon, and had a successful c-section to boot. When they go bad, they're about the worst thing ever, but when they're good... you get seven healthy, tiny little puppies. You can't beat knowing you helped in that. No, siree.

And now for the list of things which I am delinquent about. The level of delinquency varies by case.

1. The McShep Awards. So, uh, apparently I've been nominated. A couple of times... Like, three. Dude. Whoever you are that happen to be responsible for that, I would totally hug you embarrassingly, provided I knew your names and locations. In lieu of that: thank you! *hug*

2. Tangentially...[info]20thcenturyvole wrote this very, very cool tag to The Return: Part I over here which I got to beta, and which happens to be nominated as well. Just so you know. (Which you all do, no doubt, because you're not internet hermits. *sigh* I need to get out less.)

3. Which brings us to the reason I haven't been squeeing about the magically-appearing Canadian SGA bounty. I haven't seen them yet. This is so sad that it is just painful. Hopefully, I'll get to rectify the situation this weekend, because I miss being communal almost as much as I miss those crazy space adventurers.

4. And this is the one that I should be kicked for... Way, way back in history [info]enname drew this for my birthday, and I've recently realized I fell down on the 'hey, look at the pretty' sharing end of things. *hoards shiny things* So go look at the pretty. (I showed my mom, as proof that I know alarmingly talented people. She agreed.)

5. I haven't actually answered comments in... a very long time. This is not because I have suddenly decided not to answer them. It's more that I like to store them up, a few at a time, until I'm in the right mindset to be a good commenter. (Also, because then I can read through a handful of very kind things at once, and get a fuzzy warm feeling going on. I'm not even going to pretend that I don't. On a crappy day, there is nothing quite so nice as having legible proof that not everyone thinks you suck.) But lately (as in, for the last few months), they've just... gotten away from me. I come home from work and feel too tired to do such sweet feedback justice, and so I think I'll answer it the next day... Add to that the fact that LJ has been not so much good with the notifications... The upshot of all this babbling is, if you've left a comment on something I've written in the last little while, I promise I will eventually get around to telling you how much I appreciate it. Really. In the meantime, thank you.

And [info]20thcenturyvole: that thing that we were talking about? Ought to be moseying your way in the next few hours. Sorry it's not hosted somewhere quick and easy. Let me know if this particular system doesn't work and I'll try something else. (Like digging up where I got it in the first place. Seriously, memory like a sieve.)

Maybe more to follow tomorrow, including the Saga of the Hospital, and why I might be one of the cool kids this New Years. For now: I wish you all puppies. Baaaaby puppies!
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Okay, I'm behind on my fannish duties - and let's all pause for a chuckle at the obvious - but I come to you with a quick pimp. [personal profile] shetiger and [personal profile] kageygirl have made the wonderful and interesting [profile] ncis_bolo. It is for the purpose of telling the world neat things. Like, for instance, that you've written something. Or drawn something. Or meta'd about the potential future of Tony as a naked gardener. Whatever floats your boat.

The inverse being that you can check out the neat things other people are doing. So go do that.

No, really.
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Herein shall be a post about the things which really must be trumpeted for their coolness.

First up:

The marvelously talented [profile] fatuorum made this amazing cover for 'The Ratio of Burning'. I am revelling in its awesomeness and you should, too. Abominably pretty, it is. And yes, that is the sound of me bouncing around and squeeing. My story has a cover. My story has a perfect cover. Whee!

Belated bits:

Because the thesis world ate me for a bit there - and will again in the next couple weeks - I missed pointing you all to the ficlets [personal profile] 20thcenturyvole wrote upon request. There are two batches of them, and all are wonderful. I am, however, exceptionally partial to the two that she wrote for me, one about midsummer and the other about sensory deprivation. Go forth and read, and marvel at so much happening in so very few words.
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Hey *pokes you all*

Go check out [profile] raucousraven's latest Numb3rs bit here. No, don't ask me why. Just do it.

*twiddles thumbs*

*examines nails*

*talks to the Rodneyfish*

... are you still here? *sigh* Okay, then. The vital stats: it's brief, it's deep, and it's gen. It's a fantastic riff on a character much referenced and never seen, and once again she's managed to take one factoid and turn it just enough to catch a whole new spectrum of light. This time, she's set out to break your heart, and she will. Gently.

Plus, it's poetic as all getout. Convinced yet? Good. Now go read A la claire fontaine by [profile] raucousraven and tell her how soft and lovely it is.
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Reciprocity, by [ profile] raucousraven 

If you like Numb3rs... no, nevermind. If you have any concept of what Numb3rs is, you really need to check this out. It's long, and plot-filled, and just about the coolest thing going. It will mess with your head, and you will thank it for the priviledge. [ profile] raucousraven  slides a little blame my way for the idea that spawned this, and I'll take whatever piece of it I can claim. I've never been happier to be a little wrong in the head. I had one little thought, and she ran off to construct an entire world, and then breathed such life into it that it speaks. She classifies it as an AU, but it's most wonderful because of the truly scary plausability of it; the universe flipped on it's side without breaking any of the good China.

And that's just the storyline itself. It doesn't even count the fact that the words are perfect and subtle, the tone is breathless and suspended, and the casual details thrown in make me a little afraid to run into this girl in a dark alley somewhere.

Oh, and lest you be among those who do not embrace the incest, be not afraid. There are no pairings herein, brotherly or otherwise.

So go, read! If Numb3rs isn't your thing, bookmark it until someone drags you kicking and screaming into the fandom. It's worth coming back to.

And, while you're over there, tell her how very amazing this fic is, and that she should write like a demon from now on.

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