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Coincidentally enough, I've been planning for days to post something about my utterly abysmal response time to comments lately. Heh. 

What I was planning to post was something along the lines of:

OH MY GOD LIFE. Is there someone I can tag to step in for a minute? I promise I'll come back and relieve you as soon as I've had a breather. And possibly a nap. In the last month, I have...

Yes, it's a list. I like lists. )

Anyway, feedback. For what it's worth, my position is as follows:

I like feedback. )

All of which pretty much comes down to this:

I <3 every last awesome, fascinating, sweet, never-a-dull-moment one of you. Just so you know.
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Yuck. I have the flu. *sigh*

I'm pretty sure my whole school has the flu, really. Momentary pauses during lectures are filled with an awful lot of hacking and sniffling and whimpering these days, some of it from the lecturers. My favorite is one particular fellow who is... Okay, look. We know he's brilliant. He has to be. He's also kind of a space cadet, though. Most of us just sit in stunned wonder when he talks, and contemplate starting a drinking game for every time the words "Yeah, I don't know either" and "Huh. Wonder what's next" are uttered. Add illness and cold meds to that and you've got one seriously entertaining experience.

So yes, sick. I sound like I've developed a three-pack-a-day habit. I keep staring at the Torchwood finale on my desktop and wondering if I've currently got the fortitude for it. I'm thinking not so much, really. I need a movie in which stuff blows up entertainingly. Like, unapologetically so. Any suggestions?

Before I got the plague, I did the take-pictures-of-stuff meme, and then promptly failed to post said pictures on account of being diseased. Does it help if I post many unrequested pictures, too?

For [personal profile] thefourthvine, who wanted Wyatt:

For [profile] aurora_84, who requested...

In my quest to get these, however, I wound up taking many other pictures. Just in case you ever wondered...

And now, I think I'll go stare balefully at the Torchwood icon some more. Or maybe I'll just sleep. Sleep is good, right?
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Or, well, I'll get to it by the end, anyway.  In the meantime,  what I've been up to:

And that's pretty much it. Have a meme.

Gakked from [personal profile] ignipes  and [personal profile] laceymcbain :

1. The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together.
5. Post your cover, along with these instructions. In the comments your friends will tell you what kind of music you play and the name of the album's single.

So... who am I and what do I sound like?
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I am somewhat addicted to list form lately. Sorry.

7. I want to write stuff. Why is it I always most want to write stuff when I have the least time to actually do it? Bah.

8. And lastly, I've got my rambles about Doppelganger unlocked over here now.
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Yeah. Just like it says, this is only my usual accounting of the week thus far.

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And I thought I'd get more time online once I went solo again. *sigh* For your convenience, I give you lists of the week's doings.

1. I am melancholy, and very nearly 23. These facts are connected largely by a third: this will be my first birthday with no family participation. Everybody's been crazy getting my sister and I situated these last few weeks, and I don't have time to drive home, and I don't have the heart to make anyone drive here... end result: not so much with the birthdayness. In the meantime, I keep trying to convince the Mom that I'm fine, and not at all bummed, because there's not a thing she could do about it except feel guilty, which I'm trying to avoid at all costs. Oh well. Next year.

Tonight, I will light candles around the house and maybe bake brownies. Well, maybe not. It's kind of hot here. Hm. The point remains that there will be confections and open flame. The traditions of natal celebration will be hereby upheld.

Thus endeth the pity party. *g*

2. Still no luck with the soulless bastards who control net access. I'm getting creative about this whole thing, though. Earlier this week, I wound up at Borders to do the daily check in, and the place has exactly one well designed seat for computer use, located next to an outlet. I was not in that seat. My power was on its last legs. I ended up camped out in the aisle between pregnancy texts and tomes on New Age self-actualization. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've downloaded slash while hippies and pregnant women circulate around you.

Also entertaining this week: sheep wrestling for the short! There is, it seems, a trick to getting a sheep to behave itself for inspection/medically necessary prodding. It involves lifting the head and straddling the shoulders. Our problem - my lab partner's and mine - was that we were in the final group to attack the sheep. We got the rejects; those that were too ornery, large, or otherwise wily to be cornered earlier. And then we grabbed a fine specimen showcasing all of these qualities. And then I found out that, while I could in fact straddle said sheep, it was a little bit difficult to keep the head up when my feet wouldn't stay down. It was somewhere around lap 2 of the holding pen and the beginning of my career as a mutton buster that I realized I might be in for a difficult time. *g*

4. There is no four. There was going to be, but then I forgot. Sorry.

5. Still open for any and all recs. They make my cable-less, internet challenged world go round. I am not an addict. I can stop any time I want. No, really. *looks shifty*

6. How are you?
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Hi all.

No, don't fall over. It is, in fact, daylight, and I am at the keyboard. No one is more surprised than I. Just dropping in for another session of random life bits.

5. Am still writing. Whee! And because I'm a slave to curiosity, I might have maybe done that "Tell Me What to Create" meme thing.
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One possible spoiler for the Canadian SGA bounty, but it is both sideways and small. Really. If you get it, you've probably seen it.

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Hi folks. This is just a quick update lest ye think I've shuffled off this mortal coil.

No, I'm not dead. Although... but we'll come back to that. First, the good. I am officially among the graduated. Whee! I remain slightly confused about the diploma process for double majors (anyone who knows: should that second major be listed? It worries me that it isn't), but overall am thrilled with the whole thing. Next up, find work.

The Advisor has offered first author status on the resulting paper from my thesis work. It's going to mean more stressing in the next few months, but FIRST AUTHOR. Am very excited. Also, more sharks in jars. Yay!

Of the not so great: Dad's surgery is on Monday, so the weekend is going to be tense. We're still working out recovery stuff, too, which is dicey. Keep your fingers crossed.

The non-profit org I've been interviewing with keeps rescheduling on me, which makes me nervous. We shall see.

And, to return to the 'slightly dead' mention earlier, somewhere in the midst of it all, I managed to acquire something very Strep-like. They're getting back to me with the culture results, but I'm on the antibiotics in any case. For whatever reason, Strep always makes me feel worse than anything else. So, much sleeping is occurring hereabouts, and if I owe you a call or comment or hello, please know I'll get there eventually.

Oh, and one more on the good team. My dog. I love my dog. He keeps stretching out next to my bed at night and refusing to move, come hell or high water, until I'm awake in the morning. He doesn't go outside, he doesn't eat, nothing until I'm ready to be conscious.  Also, he's all quiet and lacking in rambunciousness while I'm sick. For a two-year-old Golden, that's not bad.

That's about it for now. Thanks for hanging in there with me through the crazy.
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Have been up for going on 48 hours now. Miss sleep.

On the plus side, I defended The Teeth and The Teeth were summarily approved. *fists of joy* A day and a half to edit, and I can officially be thesis-free.

I think I just turned in a paper entitled "Sometimes You Have To Hit Them With A Toaster". I do not think I meant to do so, but I believe I hit send before changing the working title. Oh well. If they're not used to my sense of humor by now...

Job interview in T minus 11 hours and counting. Ouch.

 Off to the land that sleep forgot now, but more to follow after I've gotten some rest.
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I have not committed homicide today.

This is worthy of note. No, really. You see, I got up exceptionally early to run an errand, and then went back to sleep, and when I woke again it was to find an email waiting for me. This missive was from my third thesis committee member, stating very politely that she had not yet actually received her copy, and as the defense is on Monday, could I please email her a version.

The same thesis that was sent via intercampus mail about a week ago.

Yeah. Bet you all didn't know I knew words like that, huh?

Long story short, campus mail kept picking it up, deciding they didn't know what to do with it, and dropping it back off at our bio office, where they circled the appropriate destination and stopped just short of attaching a map. This vicious cycle continued for days. Only no one told me. I walked into the office to find it in exactly the same position I'd left it. Also, it's been raining all day and then some, so about noon I looked like a really, really pissed-off drowned rat with hair the size of Texas and that crazed, panicked look to the eyes that speaks of small-scale armageddon. Thus ensued the mad dash to the committee member's office at the other campus - and [personal profile] greyer, I so incredibly owe you one for that - and eventually it all got sorted out. With the bonus application of fudge and gummi frogs, which make everything better. Whew.

Crisis averted. I need a nap.
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This has been a good day.

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That garbled, high sound is just me realizing that the human body is not meant to ack and squee at the same time.

The Teeth are toast. I haven't actually slept or eaten in the last... well, it's been a while, so my joy is coming off more Eeyore-ish than I intend, but under the exhaustion is a happy glow.

More later on the insanity that preceded the hand off - including my advisor walking in to find me in the lab this morning, which precipitated this exchange:

"Tell me you didn't sleep here."

"Okay. I didn't sleep."

*sigh and headshake* "How did I know that was coming?"

- but for now... I intend to go make myself smell like mint and then bask in bedding until the weekly Numb3rs session calls. I reserve the right to pass out cold on M.'s floor, however.

Oh, and because I'm still reeling: My boys.

Me. Again.

Apr. 24th, 2006 01:12 am
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Just another quick update for the curious. For those that haven't heard yet, the Date of Doom got pushed back to the 5th of May. (And please forget any disparaging remarks I might ever have made about my department. I don't remember saying anything bad, because I generally love them all immeasurably, but just in case.) I should finally have a version of the intro that doesn't curl my toes with embarrassment tonight, so that's progress.

The rest, should you still be with me. )

In conclusion: Gah. But in a good way. *g*


Apr. 19th, 2006 02:47 am
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Just a quick update on the current state of me, should anyone be curious.

The Wonder Machine has arrived, and yes, Biff the Laptop is well and truly dead. It's going to take another couple thousand years and an angel with superhero aspirations to bring him back. The good news is, the newbie is performing well thus far, and I'm thinking of calling him Joshua. No, I'm not all that original.

The rest of my world is pretty much consumed with The Teeth. Nine days until the written form is due. Eek.

On the plus side, in two weeks, there will only be a pair of finals and a paper between me and freedom (otherwise known as unemployment). *g* Also, as of tonight, there is now DSL access in the ancestral home, wonder of wonders, so I shouldn't disappear from the online zone post-graduation. Plus, today was the last of the dissection labs, so no more smelling like preservatives for a while. Yay! Even if I did entirely fail to remember today's quiz until I showed up to find the usual last-minute hallway cram session. Gotta love my friends, who took one look at my stunned face and knew just how screwed I was, and then proceded to sooth me anyway. Thanks, guys.

Someday, I will be a real girl again. In the meantime...

Wish me luck, and see you all when the dust settles.
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Dear whoever it was that decided that there should be a symposium fusion (yes, Bowie, I'm looking at you),

Please do not breed.

I'm sure this seemed like a great and wonderful idea, and I'm sure it will work beautifully once the kinks are ironed out, but... I would prefer not to be among the test subjects. In particular, it would be very nice if you would check in with the science students and properly explain that this is not, in fact, a new and optional event. This is the blob that ate the science symposium; a mutant, if you will. All of which would be fine and good, no doubt fascilitating intercourse among the departments and producing cute little baby interdepartmental projects, were it not for two facts: 1) your email gave both advisors and students alike the impression that this was a separate entity only based on the first, and 2) this led to them discovering one hour in advance that their abstract was now due a full two weeks ahead of the previous schedule. And for science students, no part of this is optional. No presentation, no thesis, no honors.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

It is done, and I love my advisor to pieces for taking one look at my wide-eyed terror and saying, "So, okay, we write fast. Grab your laptop and let's toast this badboy." For future reference, though, please remember to phrase things very simply for the scientists. We deal with many dangerous chemicals, and our cognitive powers may be somewhat hindered. Small words and visual aids are advisable.

Slightly dysfunctional love,

I'm going to go take a nap now, but when I get back those missiles are so fired. Or, you know, I might just put on some good music and play with the website. I feel I've earned the right to veg.

ETA: Or maybe I'll work on that proposed moodtheme. This one is wholly inadequate.
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Well, the biochem beast has been butchered again. Okay, that may be taking alliteration too far, but that class deserves some rather violent imagery. I'm still torn on whether to refer to it as The Land of Pain or The Bane of My Existance. In any case, another exam is done and gone, and I think my brain is rebelling from all the science with fic.

I've been working on this one off and on for a while now, but it's been especially insistant tonight. Given the fact that I'm doped to the gills on cold meds, though, I'm hesitant to trust in my own judgement. Anyone willing to read over the bits as they appear? Right now, I'm getting a scene at a time, in no particular order (and, yes, this is how they all start in my world, rather than a symptom of better living through chemistry). It's - surprise, surprise - McShep, no ep spoilers thus far, about 2,000 words at this point. So, any takers?

I'd be eternally grateful.

ETA: Houston, we have an ending. Now it just needs (roughly) two sex scenes, some induction of pain, and knicknacks, paddywack. Not necessarily in that order.

ETA2: Knicknacks have been achieved. I think that's it for tonight, baring unforeseen insomnia/strikes of creative genius.
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So, walked in to yoga today, and saw the least peaceful message ever on the board at the front of the room. Under "To Do" it listed a bunch of plausible actions, on the level of seek inner peace and emulate the pretzel. It ended, however, with "Rampage Across the Countryside". I kid you not. Now, I'm not one to question, but when did rampaging become a big yoga-esque activity? A fellow student and I concluded that it might be good stress relief, at least. Personally, I think it was a leftover from the ballet class that shares the room. You can't trust anyone willing to break their toes that often to look good.

Did laundry last night. Apparently, so did everyone else in the building. I ask you, what kind of psycho does laundry at 10 on a Monday night? And, yes, I am aware of the hypocrasy. In my case, it was brought on by the immediacy of having one pair of underwear and two unmatched socks left to my name identifiable as clean.

In thesis news:
Ack! Must start filing committee-member-choosing forms. Also, I want to officially name the skull Yorick. Badly. It just sits there staring at me in all its prehistoric glory, and I want to quote Shakespeare at it. Or at least the Reduced Shakespeare Company's version thereof.

In not-a-thesis-but-wishes-it-were news:
Grr. Argh. This is what I get for introducing the establishment to the concept of fandom. Now, I have a paper, a project, and an independent study all related in some form to fanfic. Eek. Additionally, I'm going to have to break down and buy Mallory. It's looking more and more central to the theme. Damn.

The project from hell:
Presenting fandom issues to a class. Don't get me wrong, this is very cool. I grew up with fandom as almost a dirty word, so having academic discussions about it with friendlies is amazing. Have I mentioned lately I love my school? Unfortunately, there is much work to be done to get everyone up to speed. The class read an article on slash, and half of them were going, "WTF?" In supportive, but flabbergasted ways. They're a willing bunch, just not indoctrinated. I'm going crazy trying to find a fandom glossary online; I could swear someone mentioned one in a post somewhere, and yet I'm coming up empty. Any hints?

In summary: Overall, life is good. Nuts, but good.

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