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Hi all. Updating from school because I've got an hour to kill before lab, and that's just not enough time to get anything else done.

And on the subject of Numb3rs: *glees tremendously*

Someone else please write what we all know needs to be written, yes? I have the feeling that the version slowly taking shape on my harddrive should never see the light of day, because oh, boy, so self-indulgent. Yeah.

And now I must go look at dead things. Scientifically, of course.
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Post-episode commentary! For Numb3rs, at that, which is like a double whammy.

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Oh Great and Powerful Television Gods? You're officially starting to freak me out with your omniscience. Say, for the last week or so, where you've been systematically playing out the hurt/comfort scenarios of my choice. Seriously. Freaky.

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Hey *pokes you all*

Go check out [profile] raucousraven's latest Numb3rs bit here. No, don't ask me why. Just do it.

*twiddles thumbs*

*examines nails*

*talks to the Rodneyfish*

... are you still here? *sigh* Okay, then. The vital stats: it's brief, it's deep, and it's gen. It's a fantastic riff on a character much referenced and never seen, and once again she's managed to take one factoid and turn it just enough to catch a whole new spectrum of light. This time, she's set out to break your heart, and she will. Gently.

Plus, it's poetic as all getout. Convinced yet? Good. Now go read A la claire fontaine by [profile] raucousraven and tell her how soft and lovely it is.
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Reciprocity, by [ profile] raucousraven 

If you like Numb3rs... no, nevermind. If you have any concept of what Numb3rs is, you really need to check this out. It's long, and plot-filled, and just about the coolest thing going. It will mess with your head, and you will thank it for the priviledge. [ profile] raucousraven  slides a little blame my way for the idea that spawned this, and I'll take whatever piece of it I can claim. I've never been happier to be a little wrong in the head. I had one little thought, and she ran off to construct an entire world, and then breathed such life into it that it speaks. She classifies it as an AU, but it's most wonderful because of the truly scary plausability of it; the universe flipped on it's side without breaking any of the good China.

And that's just the storyline itself. It doesn't even count the fact that the words are perfect and subtle, the tone is breathless and suspended, and the casual details thrown in make me a little afraid to run into this girl in a dark alley somewhere.

Oh, and lest you be among those who do not embrace the incest, be not afraid. There are no pairings herein, brotherly or otherwise.

So go, read! If Numb3rs isn't your thing, bookmark it until someone drags you kicking and screaming into the fandom. It's worth coming back to.

And, while you're over there, tell her how very amazing this fic is, and that she should write like a demon from now on.

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Blame this on [ profile] raucousraven . She’s an enabler.

Edited to add: She is also strong in the betafu. She makes Megan behave and keeps Charlie alive. All mistakes are mine, all lack thereof is hers.


Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: David/Colby
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None, really. Maybe a few allusions, but nothing solid.
Feedback: Will be cradled like a newborn. Even if it’s ugly.

Summary: Before, During, and After. Not necessarily in that order.



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