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2012-07-24 04:46 pm
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Fic Post: To Have Outlived the Night - Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles

Am I the only one who didn't see this coming?

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: through 2x08
Word Count: 23,448
Skip to Part II or Part III or read as a single page over at AO3.

Summary: Derek steps away from the window. “You helped me. They took that as a declaration.”

To Have Outlived the Night - Part I )

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2012-07-15 06:28 pm

Because I desperately need to stop picking at this and do real work:

Anybody willing to be on deck to pre-read and/or beta Teen Wolf fic about Derek and Stiles and their terrible, fantastic, dovetailing issues? It's not quite done - I've got 3 scenes to fill out further, and some obsessive editing to do - but it ought to be there in the next day or so. No spoilers past aired canon, no specific deadline, and likely about to be Jossed to hell on Monday anyway. Also, it's already 20,000 words. I should probably mention that part, right?

So... Bueller?
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2012-06-24 04:35 pm

Apparently, I have a lot of feelings about this. Huh.

Things I love about Teen Wolf (or, why my summer vacation included a show on MTV set around a bunch of werewolves in high school):

Don't be fooled that this is going to be some well thought-out piece of eloquence. It's pretty much just ramble-y flailing and an overlong treatise on architecture. Also, there are spoilers going up through all aired eps, but nothing beyond them save for personal speculation. Also also, trigger warnings for canonical implied abuse of a minor.

Okay? Okay.

Here we go! )

Other specific things that I enjoy:

1. The houses )

2. The cast )

3. The characters (with bonus tangent on my dream AU) )

I love the feeling that they're all growing into this complicated, epic future for themselves. Who knows if they'll get there, but I'm enjoying the heck out of this show right now for what it is.
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2012-04-10 06:09 pm


Because my first PhD committee meeting was this morning (ultimately fine but frustrating as hell along the way), and because the damn state is on fire and my smoke-hating, asthmatic lungs have had me gasping like a stupid goldfish for two days:

I have heard the words "assemble your committee" a lot lately, and every single time I flash to the Avengers and giggle a little bit. (I am secretly 12, and easily amused.) Really, though, the movie!verse team would be the worst academic body ever. I mean, picture these people being responsible for creating a unified, clear plan of study to be completed in a reasonable period of time. Yeah. 

more on that )

So, how would other fandoms fair? Would Arthur and his knights make you want to staple them to the conference table? Would nightmarish qualifying exams be Lestrade's division? Would Rodney and John manage to remember it's a committee, not a yo-yo?

Come on, distract me. The world owes me giraffe funtiems for this week, and I can't collect until tomorrow. What's the worst fannish academic committee you can come up with? (Or the best, for that matter.) 
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2012-02-26 06:28 pm
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Neat things!

I continue to be slow like a glacier and behind on pretty much everything, but here are two very cool bits of fandom which you all may or may not already know about.

First, podfic! [ profile] erica_schall recorded Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits (a.k.a. the Merlin one with the goats) in English, and then for double awesome points she also did it in German. Both audio versions are up here, and the written translation is here. Her voice is fabulous and the recording quality is amazing and the way she does Arthur's speaking voice alone cracks me right the heck up. My story is now this entirely new thing! In multiple languages! How cool is that? *g*

And second, after much flirtation with Sherlock, [ profile] eccentric_hat has written fic! This is a big deal, because her writing is always brilliant and lovely, and now it is brilliant and lovely and Sherlock-flavored. There is no bad here. Household Maintenance is a gorgeous look at how Sherlock thinks, and sneakily also at how he feels. 

So, yeah. If you haven't already, go check these out, so that you, too can be a-cackle with glee. *g*
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2012-01-22 02:02 am

Sherlock 2.03 - Round Two (or "Once More, With ALL the Feelings")

It only took me a week, right? In my defense, it’s been a crazy week.

Once again, all the spoilers. Ever. )

Huh. I really thought I wouldn’t manage to say much beyond "*flail*" about this one. Go figure. Now, back to processing via writing all the fic I can handle, and finally getting to read everyone else’s reactions.

In summary: Is it Series Three yet? Now?

...How about now?
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2012-01-03 05:08 pm

Sherlock Squee Central v. 2.01

There will be much capslocking, incoherent babbling, and gratuitous use of the words "I love ____" ahead. I'm kind of counting it as a win that I've regained the use of full sentences, really.


In summary: THIS SHOW, GUYS. <3

Oh, and: I remain unspoiled for everything in the rest of this series aside from episode titles, so for the love of all that is holy, please don't tell me anything. Thanks.
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2012-01-03 12:25 am

Everything is Sherlock and nothing hurts.

No spoilers, just emotions and emoticons. )

If there are comments here, though, maybe assume they have spoilers, yeah?
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2010-11-23 12:27 am

Hawaii 5-O 1x10 - Hao' Kanaka

Other people (with actual lives which include fun and no upcoming standardized exams *sigh*) are going to jump on this like a trampoline of awesome but, just to check:

not-terrifically-coherent spoilers )
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2010-11-11 11:38 pm
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Fic Post: Make a Move ('Cause I Ain't Got All Night) - Hawaii 5-O, Steve/Danny

You know it's been a while since fic happened when you have to check back through your tags to remember how you used to format headers. That's just sad, is what that is.

Fandom: Hawaii 5-O
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: NC-17?
Spoilers: through 1x08, just to be safe
Notes: For [ profile] leupagus's promptfest 2010, specifically this prompt. Huge thanks to the fantastic [ profile] lamardeuse, who gets full credit for the fact that this does, in fact, now have the part that was kind of the whole point.

Summary: Danny is about 80% certain that there are deep waters buried somewhere in there.

Make A Move ('Cause I Ain't Got All Night) )
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2010-01-12 11:30 pm
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NCIS: Original Flavor

Okay, so, I'll cop to being a few eps behind, but...

Spoilery stuff about tonight's episode (7x12? "Flesh and Blood?") )
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2010-01-03 08:41 pm

*tired wave*

Am back from the Ancestral Home. Have no water due to pipes having burst within the boiler room from cold. Want a shower. Apartment smells like bar due to neighbor's refusal to stop smoking inside, despite landlord's requests. Braved slick roads again only to find local-est Chinese food place closed.

Life hard.

On the plus side, happy-you're-home cats are great, brownies are going to happen, and I intend to call in dead to work tomorrow. There will be laziness, and flist-reading, and fic. *happy sigh*

And on that note, meme:

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

Question can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.

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2009-07-29 12:44 pm

I give you Odocoileus tealiensis, subspecies Meta.

Okay. I don't actually do the straight-out meta thing very often, but this is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I've been holding off because I am possibly the most conflict-averse person in the history of ever, but... well, here goes.

First off, a little disclaiming. I have not seen Torchwood: CoE. While I do have certain opinions based on all the accounts I've seen of it, this post is not actually aimed at the show itself, or even necessarily specific to the reactions that are taking place in response to reactions to that show. (That... might make more sense in a minute. Sorry.) Additionally, while I've enjoyed Torchwood a lot, I've never been particularly vocal about it. So if you're inclined to shout, "But you haven't even watched it!" or "You're not even in the fandom!" you are completely correct. 

There aren't any specific spoilers in here, although there might well be in the comments but they're hanging out in the comments.

With all of that junk on what this isn't about out of the way, on with the show.

What this is about is the term 'fannish entitlement', and the uses thereof I've seen lately. )
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2009-07-28 05:31 pm
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Fic Post: Bindings (Leverage, gen-ish, PG-13)

Some time ago, [ profile] laceymcbain gave me a prompt involving somebody being protective, somebody being competent, and possibly a little banter. This is… kind of that? Only not? Sorry. On the plus side, there may yet be all of those things in the sequels that are looking sort of inevitable.

Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: None, exactly. There is a definite Hardison/Eliot directionality here, though.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 1x12 The First David Job
Warnings: Implications of past torture, non-graphic
Notes: Beta’d by the awesome [ profile] ileliberte. This picks up from the second-to-last scene of the First David Job, and assumes that a little time passed between it and the last scene. Specifically, one night.

Summary: Eliot, he can twist around like a Rubik’s cube in his head, something to puzzle over without getting too invested in.

Bindings )